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Bungee Fitness* is coming to Homer Glen at Fitness Premier (Second floor of the Megaplex on Bell Rd).

Swing by our Bungee Fitness Open House on September 21 and 23 @ 8 pm at Fitness Premier with 15-minute demos to watch or try Bungee Fitness.

Come FLY with us!
Classes for Athletes and Beginners.

Classes will be Wednesday and Friday nights @ 8 pm in Homer Glen at Fitness Premier, 15301 S Bell Rd, Homer Glen, IL.

$35 a class
4 Classes a month $100
8 Classes a month $200

*Burn 700 calories a workout!

What is Bungee fitness?

  • A full-body workout where you are tethered to an elastic bungee cord that is attached behind your back via a harness

  • A challenging high intensity, low-impact cardio workout that is fun and playful

  • A cardiovascular workout minus the high impact strain on your joints

  • Enhances your coordination, boosts your strength, and skyrockets your confidence

  • Experience the freedom of flight as Bungee Fitness uses components of Pilates, Yoga, dance, and aerobics

  • Bungee Fitness uses your body weight and the resistance of the bungee cord to tone your muscles and burn some serious calories

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